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Monday, April 19, 2004

The Third Meal

Velvel's holy wife tricked him into waking from his Shabbos afternoon nap in time for Mincha and Seudah Shlishis (Velvel: how many hours can you sleep on Shabbos anyway??).

In the Zohar, Seudah Shlishis, the meal of Yaakov Avinu, is referred to as "the Chosen Time of the Chosen Day". Indeed, in some of the Chassideshe seforim, Seudah shlishis is compared to Kol Nidre or Ne'ile (See, for example, Tzav V'zirus of the holy Rebbe from Piacezcna).

I have previously bemoaned the fact that in many MO shuls, the third meal has been replaced by lectures, often those that have nothing to do with Torah or Shabbos.

So, kudos to Velvel's wife for waking him out of his literal and figurative slumber so that he could taste of the beauty of the third meal. Keep going Velvel; I know the niggunim will come back to you!