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Friday, September 01, 2006

Biking Friday: Bugout Version

1. I bugged out of last Sunday's century ride. The weather stunk, the ride was flat (and therefore of little value for my ride in Israel) and it was located way east on Long isalnd. I didn't want to sit in traffic for a minimum of 2 hours after riding 100 miles. So sue me. Instead, I rode my spin bike for a solid hour at a frightening pace.

2. This week was very slow at work; my market is pretty much on vacation. So, I took advantage by spending a lot of time on the spin bike. While I recognize that I should be spending more time on my real bike, a man has to take what he can get.

3. I will be going to Israel in two weeks on my way to a business trip in Europe. I am taking both my bike and OOS's bike (my two year old Trek 1500 which I bequeathed to OOS when I bought the Litespeed). I'm hoping to ride at least one morning with OOS and I've already lined up one of my Israeli friends for one morning. We will probably do the incredibly brtual 35 mile circuit around Neis Harim/Ramat Raziel.

4. After looking at the calendar I decided to leave my bike in Israel until the Alyn ride. What with Rosh Hashanah, Erev Yom Kippur and Succos, there are four Sundays when I can't ride. At least this way, when I get to Israel in late October, my bike will already be set up and I might be able to get a couple of rides in on Thursday and Friday before the big ride.

5. Bicycling Magazine has a few articles about, and an interview with, Floyd Landis after his TDF win and disqualification. I got home past midnight last night after a wedding so I didn't have a chance to read it. I will report back next Friday. I'm sure you can't wait.


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