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Saturday, February 24, 2007

TT Update

The Toddler is 21.5 months old. Her vocabulary is increasing rapidly. She can name most people, herself, lots of animals, and other stuff. She says "yeth" and, especially, "no". She is still as delightful and funny as ever, albeit more mischeivious.

She continues to be in the higher ranges of the growth chart, a joke that the One Above is playing on us since all our kids were barely on the growth chart. So, not only will people wonder why these old people are walking around with a daughter that appears way too young and doesn't look much like them, they may also be ammused by how much taller she is than they.

Her favorite foods continue to be weird and eclectic, to wit, potato kugel, broccoli, craisins, apples, and chicken. She has also discovered soda, which we allow her to drink (in moderation) only on Shabbos. She prefers Coke to Fresca. So do I.

She has also discovered that it's fun to stay up rather than go to sleep, so, for the first time last week, she started to give us a bit of a hard time when we put her to sleep. But, she still takes an afternoon nap and does go to sleep after dropping a guilt trip on us at night.

That's it for now. I hope I have made all my female readers happy.



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