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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Berry Berry Bad

My Crackberry is not working this morning. That's berry bad.

Each morning at around 5:30 a.m. I am comforted by the daily email messages that I am sure to find on my blackberry. The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, the Daily Bankruptcy Report email, my daily junk mail report. All is in order.

But not today. They weren't there this morning. Trouble.

So, I tried my usual tricks. Turned off the wireless connection. Nothing. Took out and replaced the battery. Nothing.

I survived the morning, made it to work and finally checked my emails. I'm not sure how long I can last.

UPDATE: At 9:42 a.m. my hip started buzzing again.



  • At 12:48 PM, Blogger DovBear said…

    All blackberries were out. Something in the atmosphere.

  • At 7:40 AM, Blogger Ibitza said…
    article about why the blackberries went down


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