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Friday, May 23, 2008

Fat Shabbos

Two things converged today to allow me to set up "Fat Shabbos".

First, both OOD and OYD will be a way for Shabbos. The significance of this will become apparent shortly.

Second, I took today off and offered to run some errands for MHW.

First, I was dispatched to Gourmet Glatt to buy salad, Splenda and watermellon, three fairly non-fattening foods.

Then I was instructed to go to Chop a Nosh and pick up a potato kugel. (MHW does almost all the cooking for Shabbos but potato kugel is not her thing; she does squash kugel and broccoli kugel etc.(huge surprise there)).

I dutifully did as I was told and came home with salad, Splenda, watermellon and kugel. I also came home with a checkerboard cake from Zomicks. And the kugel was a real kugel, not diet kugel.

I justified these acts because the girls would not be home and I would not, therefore, be guilty of Lifnei Iver (Do not put a stumbling block in front of a blind man).

Since MHW has the discipline not to eat the cake (ok, she will probably nibble at three "boxes" of the checkerboard cake over two meals) and have a microscopic piece of the potato kugel, I don't have to feel guilty about setting her up for excess calories.

So, it's Fat Shabbos over at chez MoC. Good thing I'll be riding 50 miles a day on Sunday and Monday.



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