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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Marketing 101

Here is a great example of marketing.

With bike training season having begun in earnest, I recently ordered two twelve-paks of Hammer Gel (one chocolate, one espresso), the only certified kosher sports gel of which I am aware.

I just received an email that my order has been shipped.

But the email was strange. It listed much more than I had ordered.

Had a mistake been made?

This was what the email listed:

Please keep this E-mail for your records.

Ordered from Hammer Nutrition
Web Address
Order Number 0815448400
Order Date 06/02/2008
Ship Date 06/04/2008
Reference Number 206485

Hammer Nutrition

Your order 0815448400 has been shipped as follows:

Package Method Tracking Number
1 FEDEX RES-GRND 043130061598064

Ordered By Ship To
------------------------------ ------------------------------
Mochassid Mochassid

Woodmere NY 11598 Woodmere NY 11598

Quantity Qty Back
Item Description Shipped Ordered
HBC Hammer Gel Chocolate (12-Pk) 2 0
HBE Hammer Gel Espresso (12-Pk) 0 2
EL Endurolytes (120 Capsules) 1 0
FBCB KIT: 12 Count box of Bars 0 1
HPR Hammer Gel Raspberry Pouch 1 0
HPA Hammer Gel Apple-Cinnamon Pouch 1 0
HPV Hammer Gel Vanilla Pouch 1 0
HO1 HEED Mandarin-Orange (1 Serving) 1 0
PO1 Perpetuem Orange-Vanilla (1 Serv) 1 0
CD Capsule Dispenser - Red Or Clear 1 0
NCP KIT: New Customer Packet - 1 0
----------------------------ORDER COMMENTS----------------------------
Moc, The FREE samples in your order is our way of thanking you and helping you with product knowledge and use. THANK YOU!

The last part of the email (in bold) says it all. They sent me samples of virtually their entire nutrition line.

I already love these guys.

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