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Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Time It Was and What a Time It Was..."

I received an email from Bob, my boss's boss's boss from back in the day, someone I haven't seen in 22 years. He was the Deputy General Counsel at Chase Manhattan Bank when I was a relative peon. He was a nice man whom I respected.

I left Chase in 1986 and haven't seen him since. (I seem to recall speaking with him once in all that time). He, too, has long since left (in the aftermath of one of the dozens of mergers that has resulted in JPM Chase) and is now a partner at a big New York law firm.

Bob was inviting all the legacy Chase lawyers to a reuinion to be held in late September.

The only person I'm still in contact with from those days is my direct boss yet I find myself nostalgic and I'm looking forward to attending. It must be a sign that I'm getting old.



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