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Monday, August 25, 2008

There's No More Ice Cream When I Say There's No More Ice Cream!

Yesterday afternoon, MHW and I took our two grandchildren and The Toddler to Adventureland. A wonderful time was had by all (once I got past the pounding heat-related headache).

After going on various helicopter, caterpillar and clown rides, we bought the kids some Hershey's ice cream. The smallest cup they had for sale was a three scooper.

I was not surprised that, after a long day climbing in and out of rides and walking around the park, the kids were hungry and would do a nice job on the ice cream. I was surprised by the kavanah with which they dove into their cups.

Even the little one, who is only two, finished her entire portion.

But the best was our grandson. He methodically finished his entire portion but refused to concede that the ice cream was gone. He kept scooping out the soup-like melted part on the bottom of the cup for about five minutes after each effort produced marginally worse results. I asked him a couple of times whether I could take his cup to throw in the garbage and each time he refused.

Finally, after I asked him if he was planning on eating the cup, even he had to agree that there was really nothing left.



  • At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sounds like my 5 year old. Last week I informed him that the flowers are meant to stay on the cup.


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