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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Hot Dog Threshhold and a Hamburger

This is how I feel about Hot Dogs.

Yesterday I checked my weight and I was under the Hot Dog Threshhold. So, today, I was tempted to break down and get a couple of dogs with mustard and onions. As I approached the Mendy's stand in Grand Central this afternoon, I saw a sign for a big hamburger on a bun with mashed potatos!. Ashreinu!

What have I done to deserve this good fortune? (Must be my association with MHW; I don't call her MHW for nothing).

So, instead of feeling guilty all afternoon by buying a hot dog, I had a burger. I feel satiated and completely guilt free (I don't want to hear that it's just as bad as a hot dog; I'm not mekabel).



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