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Friday, April 11, 2008

"MoCs Take the Stairs"

This morning I was privileged to take the train to work with OOD. OOD, who is graduating from college next month, has to take some silly cumulative exam for her major and scheduled it for this morning.

As we walked toward the 34th Street exit of Penn Station, OOD told me she needed to pick up a train schedule, so we parted ways.

The exit was very crowded, with long lines to get to the two escalators and a shorter line to get to the stairs. Shortly after I got to the top of the exit, I received a text message from OOD, who had apparently been following right behind me.. "MoCs take the stairs".

I'm not sure how much OOD learned in seminary and three years of college, but as long as she understands the deeper meaning of "MoCs take the stairs", I am confident that she has learned a lot about life.

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