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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cross Ventilation

For a good part of my youth, we didn't have air conditioning in our home.

How did we survive?

Well, we lived near the beach and we relied on, as my father, z'l, would say, "cross ventilation". In other words, open windows. (Indeed, my father was never a big fan of air conditioning and always preferred fresher luft.)

The reason I am thinking about those glorious old days is that, this morning, I am relying on cross ventilation at work. Our AC has been out all week (BH, I was home the first two days for Shavuous). Luckily, I work in an old building where the windows actually open so, between the "cross ventilation" and a fan, I am surviving.

The good news is that the mechanics are (finally) on the scene and it appears that the problem is well on its way to being fixed.

With all the whining going on in my office, you wonder how people ever worked in Manhattan without air conditioning.



  • At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Garnel Ironheart said…

    People can't miss what they never had. Before air conditioning was invented, no one knew that such comfort could be had in the middle of summer so they sat next to a fan and sweated it out.
    Or before fans were invented, they hired Nubian girls to wave those giant ostrich-tail fans behind them as others dropped grapes into their mouth.
    But now that we've all experiences the miracle that is air conditions, how can we go back?


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